The Resonances 2023 festival is all about ‘movement’….
We move when we make music!
Music makes us move!
Music makes us dance!
Music moves us to different worlds, countries, cultures..
Music moves us to tears, to laughter, to reflection.
Movement is about action, change, journey.

Each part of a musical composition is a ‘movement’.
A musical movement takes us on a journey at the end of which we hope to feel changed, lighter, deeper, happier, sadder, or perhaps all of these things.
‘A catharsis’ perhaps.

Resonances 2023 will be a celebration of music that moves us; physically and emotionally !! So many different composers from Scarlatti to Fafchamps will be resounding in the Halloy barn this year.
For the first time at Resonances, amongst many others, we will be welcoming the exceptional Belgian accordionist Philippe Thuriot, the young New York violinist Alexi Kenney and last but not least the internationally renowned pianist Alexander Melnikov.
I am especially excited to be welcoming the accordion player Philippe Thuriot to Resonances, who will bring a new sound and dynamic to the Halloy Barn.
The festival programme will include much music influenced by folk song and dance eg. Kodaly, Dvorak, Bartok, Dohnanyi and Brahms….
It will be difficult to keep still when attending the concert ‘Alors on dance’ which will feature Tango, Waltz, Samba and a Fandango!
There will be music with movements of 1 minute touching on a moment in time, as well as epic movements like Bruckner’s 7th Symphony which includes a movement of 20 minutes.
Bach’s Goldberg Variations is perhaps one of the most well-known masterpieces of all time and is also a perfect example of how far a composer can move from the original theme whilst never losing sight. Bach’s 30 variations or ‘movements’ will be re-visited at Resonances by a string trio, accordion and piano in what promises to be a unique exploration of the Goldbergs.
The local children will be treated to workshops on the Goldberg Variations and will be welcomed during the festival at their very own concert.

In a fast world and at a time when so many are forced to be on the move, we invite you to come and share some intimate moments of time where music can transport us and move us to new vistas within ourselves.
Don’t miss this chance to move and be moved by 9 concerts at Festival Resonances this year!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon for the concerts on  26th, 27th, 28th & 29th MAY 2023

Amy Norrington

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