Welcome back to Festival Resonances!!

It feels unbelievable that we lost two years of Resonances during the Corona pandemic, but it also now feels incredibly exciting to be returning to this yearly treat of music-making and sharing at Chateau de Halloy. 
We have missed the Resonances moment of gathering together to discover great musical works and we have missed you, our audience, on a profound level!! 
Being able to share that moment of human vulnerability that a performer inevitably feels on stage with a live audience is to me what makes a concert such a special experience.

This year’s festival is entitled “Once upon a time….” 
In all languages, ‘Once upon a time….’ signals the beginning of a story, and calls our attention to a world of make believe. Fairy tales draw us into another world of fantasy & fear, good & bad, mystery & revelation, sadness & joy where we discover different parts of ourselves through the various characters.
 Just as the story teller asks us to suspend reality for a moment in time and jump into the make-believe world of the fairy tale, the musician, when performing a piece of music, invites the audience into the inner world of a composer and tries to tell their story.

The 6 Phantasies 4 fairytales and 2 myths by various composers will act as a thread throughout the Resonances concerts this year. These pieces will be accompanied by well-known classics as well as little known works to be discovered.

The Opening Concert on the 26th May will celebrate two well-known masterpieces. The life- affirming and positive 1st Trio of Brahms and the celebrated Sinfonia Concertante for violin and viola of Mozart in an arrangement for string sextet.

The concert on the 27th May celebrates the quintessentially English romantic composer Vaughan Williams, whose 150th anniversary it is this year, and whose music is relatively unknown on this side of the Channel. But this concert is also a tribute to the British of that ‘fairest isle’ (in Purcell’s King Arthur) who feel a little farther away these days…..
There will be a chance to hear British music from 1650 right to the present day.

The 28th May will offer three exceptional concerts full of Phantasies and fairytales alongside some audience favourites by Mendelssohn, Schubert and Dvorak, as well as a haunting piano quintet by the lesser-known Polish composer Bacewicz and a master work from Jörg Widmann who created his trio “Es war einmal …” (“Once upon a time…”) in 2015 which will certainly be a highlight!!

On the 29th May, we warm up in the morning with an assortment of mythical delights and then we end the festival with a concert that includes some of the most profound music ever written. The three pieces of Bach, Beethoven and Schubert chosen for this final concert are to me timeless and will hopefully send our audiences off with a sense of shared humanity.

Let Resonances 2022 be a moment of coming back together and rediscovering our inner worlds through the music of Phantasy, myth and fairy tale.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon for the concerts on  26th, 27th, 28th & 29th MAY 2022

Amy Norrington

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