Concert 7 - Finale / 14:00

“ A grand finale, waltzing we say goodbye ! ”

In this grand final concert you will hear two masterful works: Fauré’s piano quartet no. 2 and Ensecu’s Octet.

Fauré’s second piano quartet is a profound testimony to the composer’s artistic maturity: a long sigh of infinite tenderness, quiet melancholy and nostalgic charm.

George Ensecu, student of Fauré, was a child prodigy, ‘the greatest musical phenomenon since Mozart’ according to cellist Pablo Casals! He composed the octet for strings when he was only 19 years old, a phenomenal tour de force! In this work the four parts flow into each other without interruption. The polyphonic layers ensure that each of the eight strings can shine! Ultimately, all the themes from all previous movements are brought back to life in the final movement when the piece culminates in a frenzied, euphoric waltz! 

An exciting finale of Festival Resonances!


Gabriël Fauré – Piano Quartet no 2 in g minor opus 45 

Florian Noack (piano), Bogdan Bozovic (violin), Lily Francis (viola), Amy Norrington (cello)

George Enescu – Octet for strings in C major opus 7 

Liza Ferschtman, Pablo Hernán Benedi, Kaja Nowak, Alice van Leuven(violin), Malin Broman, Florent Brémond (viola), Ivan Karizna, Martijn Vink (cello).

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