Concert 7 -Bohemian Rhapsody / 18:00

“Discovery of bohemian musical jewels.”

An evening of musical discoveries full of bohemian folklore!

In Kodály’s Serenade the cello is missing, so the viola seizes its chance! In terms of extravagant virtuosity, she is not inferior to the two violins in this exciting work!

The charm of Dvorak’s beautiful Bagatelles will leave no one unmoved!

Suk’s rarely played piano quintet concludes this evening: romance in all its glory!

Zoltán Kodály – Serenade op.12 for two violins and viola
Alexi Kenney, Sini Simonen (violins), Lilli Maijala (viola)

Antonín Dvorák – Bagatelles op. 47, for two violins, cello and accordion
Maria Włoszczowska, Tim Crawford (violins), Amy Norrington (cello), Philippe Thuriot (accordion)

Josef Suk – Piano quintet in g minor op. 8
Katharine Gowers, Vincent Hepp (violins), Atte Kilpeläinen (viola), Martijn Vink (cello), Florian Noack (piano)

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