Concert 5 - Coup de Coeur / 18:00

“ romantic music of a deep inner urgency ”

In this evening concert three beautiful romantic works with a mutual connection: the music of Robert Schumann was a source of inspiration for both Saint-Saëns and his student Fauré and in this concert you will hear all three together.

Saint-Saëns’ first piano trio is a rarely performed work that is said to have been inspired by a visit to the Pyrenees. With a little imagination we can recognize waterfalls of notes, instruments that effortlessly make dangerous jumps like playful chamois on rocks in a musical landscape with beautiful colors and views!

Fauré’s cello sonata is a wonderful piece of music, in which a warmly singing, flowing melody seemingly effortlessly navigates through the most beautiful, rich harmonies. Infinite meandering beauty!

Finally, Schumann’s second piano trio. In his music there is always the tension between extroverted, exuberant energy and hypersensitive, tormented introverted outpourings. This work contains everything!

Camille Saint-Saëns – Trio for piano, violin et cello no 1 in F major opus 18

Malin Broman (violin), Ivan Karizna (cello), Florian Noack (piano)

Gabriël Fauré – Sonata for cello and piano no 2 in g minor opus 117 

Amy Norrington (cello), Alasdair Beatson (piano)

Robert Schumann – Trio for piano and strings no 2 in F major opus 80 

Bogdan Bozovic (violin), Martijn Vink (cello), Alasdair Beatson (piano)


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