Concert 5 - Rêveries / 18:00

“An evening of dreams, romance and nostalgia…”

This evening concert begins with ‘Pohádka’, which literally means ‘fairy tale’ in Czech. We stay in the east of Europe with the dramatic quintet of the Polish composer Bacewicz and the exciting piano quartet of Dvorak. Dream along in this concert with the constant alternation of intimate tenderness and effervescent energy!


Leoš Janáček – “Pohádka” for cello and piano
Jakob Koranyi (cello), Julien Libeer (piano)

Grażyna Bacewicz – Piano Quintet No. 1
Aleksandar Madzar (piano), Tim Crawford, Alice Van Leuven (violin), Mathis Rochat (viola), Martijn Vink (cello)

Antonin Dvořák – Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat major, Op.87
Alasdair Beatson (piano), Bogdan Bozovic (violin), Timothy Ridout (viola), Jakob Koranyi (cello)


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