Concert 1 - Ouverture / 18:00

“A happy reunion with the grandmasters”

After an enforced absence of two years, Resonances celebrates its return in this opening concert of festive and welcoming music by the musical masters! Bach’s preludes and fugues inspired Mozart to create a beautiful arrangement for string trio. This is followed by Brahms’ first piano trio, perhaps one of the most beautiful trios ever written! And have you ever heard Mozart’s Sinfonia concertante in this special version for string sextet?
Don’t miss a note of Resonances and join us in a musical ascension from the start!

Johann Sebastian Bach / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Prelude and Fugue KV 404 for string trio
Tim Crawford (violin), Lilli Maijala (viola), Martijn Vink (cello)

Johannes Brahms – Piano Trio No. 1 in B major, Op. 8
Bogdan Bozovic (violin), Amy Norrington (cello), Aleksandar Madzar (piano)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Grande sestetto concertante, for string sextet after the Sinfonia concertante KV 364
Alina Ibragimova, Sini Simonen (violin), Timothy Ridout, Vincent Hepp (viola), Jakob Koranyi (cello) & Olivier Thiery (doublebass)


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