Festival Resonances is an International Chamber Music Festival that takes place every year in Belgium. Founded in 2010, Festival Resonances gathers around twenty top-class musicians from around the globe each year and brings them to the beautiful Chateau de Halloy near Ciney. 
The musicians spend a week at the chateau in intense musical discussion, hidden from their usual fast-track lives and the major concert halls. These rehearsals lead to a series of concerts given at the weekend starting on Thursday evening in the barn next to the chateau. 
The Halloy barn is usually inhabited by donkeys throughout the year, but when the Resonances time of year arrives, it is transformed (by our wonderful team of volunteers!!)  into an intimate concert hall where the audience can feel very close to the performances and the performers. The festival tent outside, where one can find food and drink, is a lovely place for musicians and audience alike to mingle and discuss.
Chateau de Halloy is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is perfect for a peaceful walk either prior to a concert or in-between if you are coming for the day.

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