Tony Nijs

Tony Nys studied the violin at the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels with Clemens Quatacker and Philippe Hirschhorn, and had lessons with U. Gorniak, S. Gawriloff and Ch. A. Linale.

Between 1994 and 1997 he was the first violinist of the Fétis string quartet with whom he had lessons with the Alban Berg Quartet, the Borodin Quartet and the Amadeus Quartet.

He was also a member of the World Youth Orchestra and the Gustav Mahler Youth and Chamber orchestra, playing with conductors such as C. Abbado, I. Fischer, S. Beechkov and P. Boulez.

In 1998, Tony joined the Quatuor Danel as its viola player. With them he played at the most prestigious international venues and recorded many CDs. The Quatuor Danel played with artists such as the Borodin Quartet, The Brodsky Quartet, V. Mendelssohn, G. Knox, G. Caussé, A. Rabinovitsch and F.Braley, and worked with composers such as P. Dusapin, J. Harvey, W. Rihm, H. Lachenmann. As a teacher he was connected to the Universität Witten-Herdecke (G) and the Royal Conservatory of Lyon. In 2005, Tony left the Quatuor Danel.

At the moment he is working with different ensembles such as Prometheus, Ictus, Exploration and Ensemble Modern, and he is a permanent member of the TetraLyre pianoquartet, the TrioFenix stringtrio and the Malibran string quartet.

Tony has played solo viola at La Monnaie Opera in Brussels since 2007.

He also teaches chamber music at the Orpheusinstituut in Gent.

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