Welcome to Festival Resonances!

 It is with a very heavy heart that we have had to cancel the 2021 Festival Resonances, sadly for the second time since the Corona pandemic started. 

We waited until the very last moment, holding on to the idea that we might be able to go ahead, but the reality is that this is simply not possible in the light of the Covid-19 situation in Belgium and around the world.

The essence of Resonances is togetherness. The musicians come from all over the world to be together for a week, to interact, to discover the music together, to meet new musical partners as well as old colleagues. The audience, often coming from far too, are a huge part of the whole atmosphere of Resonances. We all mix together in the food and drink tent provided by our wonderful team of volunteers. 
This is for me what Resonances is about!

And so, after much reflection, we decided not to make an on-line version of Festival Resonances.
We prefer to come back to you with zeal in 2022 for a real Resonances festival, when we can once again meet each other live, make music again in safety and share this with our wonderful audience and team.

Please do come back in 2022 to a festival that will be perhaps more joyous than ever and that will celebrate the thrill of making music in close proximity again!

Hold the dates!  26-29 May 2022

Take good care!!

Amy Norrington

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