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2020 celebrates the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth! We couldn’t let this birthday go un-marked and so we will be honouring Beethoven at different moments throughout the festival.
We will open the festival with a concert dedicated solely to Beethoven’s music which will include his rarely performed string quintet and a selection of his songs based on Scottish and Irish folk melodies.
We will end the festival with Beethoven’s own favourite string quartet opus 131, which to me reveals some of the most profound music ever written. Schubert heard a private performance of this quartet just days before his own death and is reported to have asked: “after this what else is there to write?”
In between these opening and finale landmark/pillars, we will also have the chance to hear the rarely performed arrangement by Beethoven of his 2nd symphony for piano trio and his ‘Grosse Fugue’ arranged for 4 hands piano.
Beethoven adored Mozart’s music and we will witness how much of his own spirit and genius he put into his amazing variations on a theme from Mozart’s opera ‘The Magic Flute’.

This Beethoven focus will be juxtaposed by two ‘discovery’ concerts of Spanish and Russian influence, as well as one bohemian concert which will delight in 3 more familiar chamber music jewels.

As always, a group of wonderful artists will be inhabiting the Chateau de Halloy to take part in musical discussions and exchanges, to argue and to admire, to be challenged and to challenge others, to inspire and to be inspired.
I am especially thrilled to be welcoming the brilliant Belgian accordion player, Philippe Thuriot to Resonances for the first time!

Many thanks as always to our amazing team of volunteers and all our Friends, patrons and sponsors who keep supporting us over the years.

Amy Norrington

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