Patron Supporters

Corporate Supporters

Friends of Resonances

  • With huge thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Eckelmans for so generously sponsoring the festival in 2012
  • With special thanks to Jeremy Dixson for being one of the strongest supporters of the festival and for creating this beautiful website.
  • With our warmest thanks to the Count and the Countess Hadelin de Liedekerke Beaufort for offering us the extraordinairy chance to give a concert in their beautiful castle as well as Mr Dister, Mayor of La Hulpe for offering us  the opportunity to hold our gala concert at the Castle of La Hulpe in 2011.
  •  With special thanks to Sophie Collet for creating and donating a beautiful painting for Resonances. The painting will be on the cover of the brochure and will be displayed throughout the festival.

Gold Friends

Mrs Florence Gillon
Mr and Mrs Eckelmans
Mrs Sue Norrington
Ms Anne De Rudder
Mr and Mrs. Jacques Bagon
Mr Arnaud de Meeus
Mr Ludovic de San
Mr Yanick Quevit
Mr and Mrs Jeremy Dixson
Mrs Sophie Collet
Ms Marie Lore Bagon
Ms Coralie Glineur
Mr and Mrs jeffrey Treadwell
Ms Audrey Verhulst
Sir Roger Norrington
Mr and Mrs Patrick Leurquin
Miss Annie Belhadj
Mr Christoph Mueller
Mr. & Mrs Cassiers-Greindl

Silver Friends

Mr and Mrs Henk Vink
Mrs Catherine Agneessens
Mr Pierre Henri Bagon
Mrs Carolyn Faulder
Mr Ronald Higgins
Mrs. Claire Polet
Mme Isabelle Steenackers
Mrs Julie Wathieu
Mme Claudine Steenackers

Bronze Friends

Mr and Mrs Dieter Hofman
Mr and Mrs Glineur
Mr and Mrs Jacobs
Mrs Tricia Pank
Mr Maxime Daillencourt
Mme Nadia Nevin
Mrs Gabriella Sanchea
Dr. Estela Welldon
Mme Gerda Alloa
Delen Bank
Didier & Myriem de Callatay