The Resonances Chamber Music Academy was inspired by the enthusiasm of the masterclass moment during the Resonances Festival week. The academy was created to give full attention to students who are passionate about chamber music and want to have an opportunity to immerse themselves fully for a week.

NB: The academy is separate from the festival and takes place at a different time of the year from Festival Resonances. The masterclasses and performances are open to Friends of Festival Resonances. 

ACADEMY  22-28 JUNE 2020

Château de Halloy, Ciney, Belgium

Masterclasses: Daniel Bard, Philippe Graffin, Amy Norrington and Martijn Vink

Download in PDF: Resonances  Chamber Music  Academy

The Resonances academy is an opportunity for students and young professionals in Belgium and abroad to get to know some of the great masterpieces of the chamber music repertoire on a profound level, guided by a few experienced musicians. The young musicians will immerse themselves in the repertoire for a week and have plenty of moments to perform their pieces at the end of the week. It will be a chance to meet and play with many different people from all over Europe in different formations and to be lead by internationally renowned chamber musicians who will join them in the chamber music groups and rehearse alongside them. At the end of the week, there will be several concerts and opportunities to perform. The course takes place at Chateau de Halloy near Ciney in Belgium, where we will all stay together.

Places are limited: 20 students /young professionals will be offered places for the course. Students will play in at least 2 groups, one of which will be a string quartet.

There is the option of coming with a self-formed group. For pre-formed groups there are 2 options:
1) To stay at the chateau and also be involved in at least one other group with other musicians from the course.
2) Come as an external group for masterclasses only with no lodging fees to be paid.

FEE: 600 euros

Includes: masterclasses, all meals and accommodation in Chateau Halloy. (

All applicants should send their CV and a film of their playing to:

Application deadline: 20th March 2020.



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